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Saving America: The Call for Genuine Faith

Our nation is at a turning point, and people must understand where we are and what we need to be doing.

Revive Our Nation

Feeling the weight of the world's issues? It's time to look within and seek a spiritual renewal that can bring real change to our nation.

Trick or Tithe?

Do you tithe? Tithing isn't about rules; it's about blessings. Explore why tithing is still valid for believers today, and what that means for you.

The Modern Shrewd Manager

Unlock the power of shrewdness in your life. Dive into the parable of the shrewd manager and discover valuable lessons for personal and professional growth.

From Guilt to Empowerment

Understanding guilt is key to understanding salvation. Guilty people get to go free and experience the power of God's grace.

My Big, Dumb Mistake

Don't make the dumb mistake of deceiving yourself. Aren't there enough things out there trying to play tricks on you?

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